Parenting Made Easy – The Middle Years


No longer a toddler not yet a teen-ager, the middle years can be a challenging time for parents. Yet it is a vital time to establish the kinds of family values that you want before the turbulent teen years begin.

If you have ever felt challenged by your child’s behaviour, have felt that you just don’t know what to do next or that your parenting tool box’ is empty then you need this book. Dr Anna Cohen draws on over 20 years of experience as a child clinical psychologist to come up with simple, effective strategies that you can begin using now to create stress-free family life in the middle years.

Many parenting strategies rely on complicated behavioural management programmes and burdensome routines, when they fail to work families can become even more discouraged. Based in Dr Cohen’s experience of what works, she has written a book that allows parents to use easy, simple and natural methods to create a happy home. These are strategies that don’t cost money, don’t require major changes to family routine and can be easily understood by every mum, dad and child.

Dr Cohen’s practical, evidence-based approach allows families to move from confrontation, frustration and threats to calm, collaboration and respect. This book can help every family negotiate the middle years and build the foundations for long-term parenting success.