Founded by Dr Anna Cohen & Emma Caldwell, Heads & Tails is a unique approach to Clinical Psychology designed to reach children and young people that traditional room-based therapy cannot help.

In 2013, our co-founders were fortunate enough to watch the world leading horse trainer, Monty Roberts, support traumatised servicemen & women to work with troubled and difficult horses.

In this fragile and highly emotional union, strong bonds were formed through acute awareness and acceptance of each other. The horse and the human began a journey together, frightened and vulnerable but working to understand and respect the other so that they could be safe in the relationship and in their world.

This beautiful display of courage and determination inspired and continues to drive the experiential approach that Heads & Tails provides. Our horses offer children, young people and adults the opportunity to learn about themselves and about others.

Through the introduction to the magnificent animals, learning about them, and working with them, change can be made through the application of cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy techniques. This helps to build relationships and instill new values in the minds of those who take part, leading to and improvement in their quality of life, and a new-found respect and confidence in their own abilities – along with a comprehension of the value and need to work with others.

Choosing a therapist for children is never an easy task, but we hope that our innovative approach and the inclusion of horses in this play based model will provide breakthroughs for your children like never before.

Where are we located?

Heads & Tails is located near Sydney in the Blue Mountains NSW. Surrounded by beautiful bushland and acres of pine forests, the Heads & Tails paddock offers a unique setting for creative play and safe exploration.

Our amazing horses make regular visits to the Centennial Park Equestrian Centre and enquiries can be made by calling 02 9555 1168

Heads & Tails Clinical Psychology is a unique approach for many of the developmental problems faced by children today, and we’re happy to work with children from all backgrounds to establish a “new normal” and help them interact with the world on a daily basis.