Benefits of Equine Assisted Clinical Psychology

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There are many benefits to equine assisted clinical psychology, the animal therapy process that involves horses. Horses are large and strong creatures that have a gentleness about them that draws many people in, but equine therapy does not just rely on the way a horse looks.

You can be yourself – horses don’t judge you in the same way that people do, and so there is no need to hide your true self.

Horses reflect emotion – whatever feelings or emotions you are experiencing, the horse will reflect this in its own behaviour. You will see how your actions have an effect on others.

Change is non-verbal – while discussing problems and taking part in psychotherapy sessions will get you so far, true change in your life comes from the things you do rather than the things you say. By engaging in a relationship with a horse and taking part in problem-solving activities, change is much easier to come by. There is no need to verbalise your feelings or emotions, you can just experience them.

EACP is not inside a room – many people struggle with room-based therapies as the environment does not suit them. Being outdoors, surrounded by nature, working with an animal, is a much easier environment to express themselves and their emotions in.

You don’t have to deal with people – interacting with animals is often easier for those with mental health problems, rather than interacting with other humans.

EACP helps treat a number of issues – multiple issues related to communication, social skills, self-control, confidence, many kinds of trauma, anxiety, communication skills, and more besides can be positively affected by equine therapy.

Where many other kinds of therapy have failed to have an effect, EACP can facilitate change in even the people who are the hardest to reach. Animal therapy is always worthy of consideration for any mental health issue.


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