Heads & Tails

an innovative approach to supporting mental health for children & adolescents.

Working with a team of miniature horses to assist young people in understanding themselves and those around them.

Connecting in news ways to support healthy relationships and emotional wellbeing, moving individuals & families toward social and emotional change that will last a lifetime.

Heads & Tails Clinical Psychology provides an effective alternative for those who struggle with traditional room-based therapies.

The Heads & Tails approach is designed to assist clients with:

Emotional Regulation

Impulse Control

Distress tolerance


Trust & Respect

Communication skills

Social skills

Empathy and awareness of others

Boundary setting



Co-operation & team work

Honesty and accountability

Dealing with challenging situations

Why Horses?

We appreciate the power of horses and their ability to help us tap into our thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

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